Connecticut Equine Clinic Case Study

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Connecticut Equine Clinic is the premier equine veterinary clinic in the Coventry, Connecticut region. Equine podiatry is the understanding of the form and function of the horse foot. Combining information from a physical exam, radiology and ultrasound with therapeutic farriery can relieve and prevent foot problems. Many problems associated with lowered performance and perceived behavioral issues may actually be signs of pain in the feet. Refusing jumps, difficulty in executing leads, loss of performance and more can indicate foot pain. Hock, stifle, caudal heels, knees back and even biting problems may simply be pain and damage as the result of hoof imbalances. Taking preemptive action can optimize long term health and welfare of the horse and reduce or avoid down time.

The horse foot is a unique and complex organ comprised of several components, each performing specific functions that work together and complement the group as a whole unit. The horse’s foot is much like a mechanical model that serves to suspend, support and move the horse. An intricate balance and equilibrium
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Proper, timely hoof care can often make the difference between a sound performance and one with chronic lameness. For over 29 years, Connecticut Equine Clinic has offered an unwavering commitment to the care of horses. For the best equine veterinary clinic in the region, contact Connecticut Equine Clinic at (860) 742-1580, conveniently located in Coventry,
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