Connecting Sociological Theory and Social Issues

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Connecting Sociological Theory and Social Issues

Drug abuse is a topic of sociological significance because it is all around our daily lives whether we want it to be or not. Drug abuse today can influence or impact our family, community, and the economic and political life. Whether the drugs that are being abused are prescribed or recreational it can lead to bad consequences that the abuser may not have intentionally caused. It is also an important aspect to social life which sociologists can analyze with the three main theoretical perspectives of functionalism, conflict, and interactionism.
Constructing a clock with its many different cogs and gears together is like the functionalist perspective of sociology because it “emphasizes
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The abuser may then start to have a lack of employment, money, housing, and the feeling in need for security or love. Due to the lack of these sources it can start to affect the society because that may lead the abuser to start illegal activity such as burglary, auto theft, and/or fraud. Then, if the abuser does start to do illegal activities the economies taxes will increase due to the need for more law enforcement officials. Also, the taxes that the working population have to pay, start having to pay for rehabilitation centers and other free access to services and resources that the government provides. The tax payers may feel that their tax money should go to other “beneficial” needs like fixing roads or better the educational system. As the conflict perspective looks at the struggle between two opposing groups, the interactionist view focuses more on the individual and daily aspects of social life.
The interactionist perspective of sociology focuses on the “everyday forms of social interaction in order to explain society as a whole” (Schaefer, 16). Instead of looking at the broader views like the previous two perspectives, sociologist with this view emphasizes on how drug abuse affects the everyday lives of individuals and how their drug abuse experiences are interpreted. Drug abusers usually use to help cope with stressors that may be occurring around them. Abusers usually start to use at a young age or if there
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