Connecting Sociological Theory and Social Issues

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| Connecting Sociological Theory and Social Issues | SOCS185 - Professor S. Izquierdo | | Education has been the key and structure of everyone’s life and future. Without education, where does one start to learn experience and evolve into a future of brilliance and success? Education, for the most part, is free and only requires the willingness to learn; however, once you get to the age and stage where you want to advance in a certain career or profession, money will be needed to further go on. Many of which can be viewed and analyzed in various theoretical perspectives, such as: a functionalist’s view, a conflict view, and an interactionist’s view. From the perspective of a functionalist, “functionalists emphasize the…show more content…
For the state of Nevada, University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) even states on their school campus website “Members of fraternities and sororities commit to lifelong participation in their organization and aspire to high ideals and values which guide them throughout their collegiate education and beyond. Just a few of these benefits are: academic achievement, leadership development, campus involvement, community service and philanthropic activities, career development, fosters leadership skills, and lifelong friendships & memories.” ( In perspective of a functionalist’s view, they percept parts of society to be structured and maintained for stability. Now in another hand, there is another view to be looked at as well. The conflict perspective which assumes that social behavior is best understood in terms of conflict or tension between competing groups. “Conflict theorists argue that the social order is based on coercion and exploitation.” (Schaefer, 2011, p. 17). With a conflict perspective, it is viewed as if something is needed to be persuaded through the disclosure of ‘force’. A great example of violence in the education industry would be just plainly school bullies. These bullies generally bully the smart, straight-A students to have them do their homework for them. If it were not to be completed, the end result would be violence and abuse. According to the Sociology book in
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