Connecting Virtually Isn T Like Real-World Bonding: An Analysis

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Less than 50 years ago, the average family owned one telephone, one or two televisions and a few radios. Yet 50 years ago most people were okay without advanced technology or a great deal of electronic devices. Today many people have access to technology easily but because of this it could be affecting some people. There are a variety of forms that technology in general could have a negative effect on a person. This ranges from becoming addicted to your devices to using it negatively to affect others called cyber-bullying. The amelioration of technology may result in a contrary impact in the aspect of social interactions. Although, it has brought people new forms of communication, but these forms be used to attack others on social media. Margaret Ross, Kamaron Institute states, “As the number of households with internet access approaches saturation…show more content…
Author Ray Bradbury writes in “The Pedestrian”, “In ten years of walking … he had never met another person walking, not once in all that time,” There is a possibility of people not going out because they will be on their electronic devices. Technology can affect people in social interactions to the point where most people who are on their devices most of the time are having problems socializing with others. Larry Rosen claims in the article “Connecting Virtually Isn't Like Real-World Bonding”, “The total effect has been to allow us to connect more with the people in our virtual world – but communicate less with those who are in our real world.” The result of being able to access technology easier and communicate through devices has created a large amount of people to socialize less out in the real world. The outcome of the advancements of technology, displays by the groups of people who have issues, socializing by being on their electronic devices for long periods of
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