Connecting With Consumers - Disney

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Connecting with consumers - Disney

Disney a name which brings smile on the faces of people of all ages, Walt Disney most commonly known as Disney is one of the world’s largest multinational media and Entertainment Company with its headquarter in Walt Disney studios, Burbank, California, United states. Walt Disney was founded as a cartoon studio on October 16, 1923 by two brothers Walt and Roy Disney. (10-K, Walt Disney)
Current CEO and chairman of Walt Disney is Robert A. Iger, Prior to his current post he served as president and CEO from October 2000 – 2005. Mr. Iger has been named one of Fortune magazine’s “25 most powerful people in Business” (2006, 2007). (
Disney has maintained a comfortable and lasting position. They maintain a link between cast members and guests so not to compromise on brand reputation customer satisfaction. This principle of integration has helped Disney to maintain its brand image apart from its competitors and consequently gaining the brand loyalty which is a reciprocal process. Finally they convert their guests into friends and eventually friends into families. It has been years since Disney is trying to create and sustain lifelong relationships to produce strong business results.
The Walt Disney has become a synonym of Entertainment and creativity by continuously innovating new products and services for its customers. They have created
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