Connection Between Inmates And The Outside World

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I can see your point Victor, the mindset of a long term inmate can be so different than the mindset of the outside world. It is my understanding that prisons are placing a broader focus on preparing inmates to be able to function in the outside world these days. Another concern I have for inmates would be the outsides worlds reaction to them, because of their past. Society today can be quite judgemental, and unforgiving in situations like this, and this is what puts many inmates right back into the prison system.
2.I, agree with you Victor,healthcare counselors and ministry can be a direct connection between inmates and the outside world. In order for an inmate to succeed in the outside world he or she needs to be given the psychological and spiritual tools to do so. It sounds so simple, yet it is quite a complex process. An inmate needs to feel good about themselves, inside and out, body and mind. They have to realize that everyone is given the opportunity to change, and repent for their wrong doings. Ultimately, they need to know that God will always forgive everyone just as long as they take God in as their savior, and live by his word.
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It is even difficult for the outside world to keep up with them. Healthcare counselors can be very beneficial to the inmates by providing them the education an training in the newest technological advances while being incarcerated. I am sure there will always be those cases where there are certain inmates that do not have the desire to advance themselves, and no matter how hard the staff tries to convince them otherwise they just cannot motivate all the people all of the time. One can take an inmate to the water, yet they cannot forces the inmate to
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