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Daniel O’Brien Connections Essay 2013 A.S. 3.7 ‘Making Connections Across Texts’ Daniel O’Brien ‘Connections Across Texts’ For my connections essay I will be connecting ideas across four texts. The four texts, a mix of self-selected and studied in class, are ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ written by John Steinbeck, ‘Sad Joke on a Marae’ written by Apirana Taylor, ‘Once Were Warriors’ directed by Lee Tamahori and ‘Australia’ directed by Baz Luhrman. I will be linking two ideas throughout my essay. My first connection statement is ‘The loss of Culture and Homeland causes a change in character’ and the second is ‘People in the margins of society are sometimes able to beat the odds when their backs are against the wall. Set…show more content…
He is communicating with the Maori spirits Rewi and Te Rauparaha. He begins by shouting the only Maori words that he knows, “Tihei Mauriora”. He then goes on to say; “My name is Tu the freezing worker Ngati D.B. is my tribe, The pub is my marae, My fist is my taiaha, Jail is my home.” This shows that the loss of culture experienced by Tu during his life has caused him to lose his way, and he has come back to his roots to try and fix things. Unfortunately in today’s society culture seems to back a back seat on the scale of importance. Because of this sad face the reality of this poem is true for to many New Zealand people. For Tu, he may never have known much of his true heritage; either by fault of his own or of his upbringing, but the result remains the same. He relies on alcohol, violence and jail as his family, his friends, his sanctuary and choice of weapon (taiaha). This agrees with the statement that ‘The loss of culture and homeland causes a change in character’ as he now lives by the idea that alcohol and the pub is his life, rather than the traditional Maori pride and mana we used to see throughout society in New Zealand. This connects with the idea portrayed in the visual text ‘Once Were Warriors’ directed by Lee Tamahori. In this film, the person who undergoes a change in character due to loss of culture and heritage is
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