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Connection to Personality Pathology
Even though maltreatment is not a disorder it tends to be a risk factor that can lead to other disorders in an individual’s life. Maltreatment can be thought of as a gate way symptom to many personality disorders due to how maltreatment can affect an individual in various ways. Also, depending on the type of maltreatment individual experiences, it can lead to a certain predisposition to certain disorders. For instance, if an individual is sexually abused they tend to lead to a personality pathology to borderline personality disorder. Even though borderline personality disorder is not always an outcome of sexual abuse, but there tends to be a correlation between the trauma and disorder. For instance, Ogata, Silk, Goodrick, Lohr, et al, (1990) conducted a study that found a significantly higher rate of reports of sexual abuse in patients with borderline personality disorders than patients who have major depression disorder.
Also with maltreatment we have to look at who the abuser was in relation to the child who received the abused. Trickett, Noll, and Putnam (2011), conducted a study that look at how sexual abuse effect females at different developmental periods as they progress in their life after the maltreatment. This was 23 yearlong longitudinal study look at the pattern of abuse that these young women endured and how the outcomes impact them later in life. They found that there were three keep pattern types. “The first pattern
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