Connections Between U.S. Presidents and Roman Emperors

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Throughout history, countless leaders, had their periods of leadership among the masses; a story of how they claimed their superior position. Are there connections though between leaders and their lives, positions, and their form of a kingdom? My goal is to find these connections between the United States’ current and former presidents, Barrack Obama and George W. Bush and two Roman emperors, Augustus and his great-grandson, Nero.
After a 20-year period of transition from the republic and the assassination of Julius Caesar, Augustus returned to Rome forming an alliance with Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus known as the Second Triumvirate which led to the establishment of the Roman Empire. The first 206 years of the Roman Empire were known
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It was suspected by some historians that Nero caused the fire of 64. Nero attempted to rebuild Rome and organize the construction of the buildings that were burned or destroyed. The attempt to rebuild Rome cost immense funds that the Rome State Treasury didn’t have, causing the Roman currency to decrease in value.
Nero was surrounded by death and as emperor was known for his many of his atrocities and executions, including the execution of his mother. Even as a child, Nero was surrounded by death in his family. Nero’s father, Lucious Ahenobarbus, died when Nero was 2 years old. Several other family members deaths followed including: his uncle, aunt and cousin; his half-brother, and his mother. After becoming emperor, he had ordered the execution of his mother for having indecent relations.
Later in his reign, Nero became one of the first prosecutors of Christians. After the fire of 64, Nero tortured and executed countless Christians. Was known by some historians as the antichrist that the bible predicted.
Our government now has great contrast to the Roman Empire but like the up Empire, we look to one man for leadership and approval. In a democracy, that one man is known as the president. The masses vote on a president to represent them for four years. As president, they have several responsibilities whether it is foreign relations and policy, decided to pass a bill, deploying troops
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