Conner And I Were Friends From High School

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Conner and I were friends from high school. To be completely honest I don’t know why or how we started talking… Technically we met in eighth grade, but never really exceeded our friendship from there. We were different or so it seemed at the time. I was new in school I just moved from outta state, so I didn’t have any friends and nobody knew me and I didn’t know them. I wasn 't really an outspoken person either, so meeting Conner in English class was a big deal for me, he may not have noticed, but I surely did. Conner was a very outspoken person, he seemed to have a lot of friends from what I observed, so I never really thought I would have a chance to become good friends with him knowing that he already had multiple friends. After eighth grade I went off and started doing my own thing. I made a few friends, but nothing that really stuck. Three years came and gone and Conner and I had our few shares of sporadic hi’s and hello’s, but they never really passed from there, but somehow someway in Junior year our hello became an actual conversation and that conversation turned into a great friendship. Getting to know Conner was a different experience. I mean I’ve met and had multiple conversations with other people and got to know them and became close with them, but something was different becoming friends with Conner. Conner had a personality that no matter how you felt soon as you struck a conversation with him he made you feel better. Conner wasn’t inconsiderate of your…
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