Connor Jackson. Integrative Medicine. 8 May 2017. Final

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Connor Jackson Integrative Medicine 8 May 2017 Final Paper This class has been vital in providing me with a new perspective on different types of alternative medicine and practices. Although there were some lectures which came across to me as a bit hard to believe, such as Scott Roos’s Ayurveda lecture, in the end all of these different methods of healing and self-betterment gave me a new understanding of the importance of alternative types of medicine. And even with the rather far-fetch topics, if they ultimately have worked for people, even without scientific backing, then who are we to judge what is the right or wrong way. For the most part, my knowledge of medicine was backed mainly by the western medicine I was exposed to growing up,…show more content…
From the lecture, I learned that pregnancy can be a very unique experience for different types of people and can surely be a psychological challenge. With this this new understanding, it became easy to recognize why midwives could end up being very beneficial for expecting mothers, all the way throughout the process of pregnancy. This is where I became particularly interested because besides the midwives job having the women understand the process of pregnancy, it was their job to help the women attain a certain level of peace and calm, all the way throughout the process, as they have someone that they come to trust right up until the end. Having the women in the mindset that it will be a good experience is vital in making it be so in actuality. This indirect lesson about mentality carried over nicely into one of the workshops that I chose to do, which was yoga. The practice of yoga and its results yield such a counterintuitive experience. In fact, for a long time, I have had family members, my girlfriend, and countless others rave about the benefits of the practice, but for some reason I never bought in and decided to go to a class. It felt to me like something that wouldn’t really make much difference overnight and even if it did over time, it wouldn’t be too substantial. I could not be more wrong. My girlfriend convinced me to go to a Corepower session with her, and for some reason the intense heat combined with the goal of achieving

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