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Connor Lowery Wilson Honors World Lit (1) 05 April 2017 Technology Today (Final Draft) From about the age of 7 until now, I have been trapped. Trapped in a never ending wave of distraction that pulls me away from what is real and what truly matters in life. I have been held hostage by technology, and the scary thing is, everyone else in society is trapped as well. We have all been, metaphorically, “pulled away from our own lives” by our cellphones, computers, gaming consoles and, everything else technology has brought our way. Our cell phones are our escapes, our escapes from facing how stressful everything around us can get. And, we have all been using them to hide our true imperfections to portray to our friends that we are living…show more content…
With the development we are continuously making in apps for our cellphones kids don 't ever have to truly learn. Spanish is becoming somewhat pointless because we can translate all of our homework. Math is as well, as exemplified in the story because, we have apps that can scan our problems and immediately give us the answers with the work. This is only making everyone lazier and less beneficial, as we are all not truly learning the traits we are supposed to have learned to take on the world. What is truly terrifying to think about is what would happen if technology had to be taken out of society. Our society would be screwed. People who never had to interact with others would be faced with it. Yet, maybe it would make the world a better place. Maybe children would get to spend more family time with their parents. Or, perhaps judgement would decrease in society due to people who had the fake layer of confidence developed from staying behind their phones, losing it. I do feel as though this would be a good thing and, I kinda wish technology hadn’t developed as far as it has in regards to cell phones and everything benefiting social media. Therefore, yes we are all trapped in our own technology. It is slowly bringing us down as we develop it further and it is making us think less of others around us. How do the people around me affect who I am? While the people around me affect can affect who I am, ultimately, I

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