Connor and Caroline: A Mystery Short Story

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Caroline stood there looking at the man who just saved her life. She watched as he bent over the dead soldiers, looking through their pockets, looting what little money they had on them. He stood up, turning towards Caroline reaching over his shoulder repositioning the quiver and bow he wore on his back. ~He wore the white hood over his head, hiding most of his face from her. His clothing looked like what most soldiers wore an army coat and pants, but except of the usual brown or blue his coat was white and blue. He wore delicately woven armbands over his coat on his biceps. He had a leather bracer on his left forearm. It had a strange symbol on it. It looked like a triangle, but instead of a complete straight line across the bottom the two edges were slightly rounded with pointed tips. He had with him two pistols and a tomahawk strapped to his side. The leather strap that went across his chest held his quiver and bow in place. And instead of boots he wore moccasins with leather leggings over his pants. He was standing in front of her only a few feet away. He had his head tilted to the side, watching her. Then he took out his pistol and started to reload it. “We must leave here. Now.” He said in a stern voice as he put his pistol back in his holster. The man motioned for her to follow as he started towards the busy streets of Boston. Caroline stood there for a moment, watching him make his way towards the town. Her brain was still trying to process what just

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