Connor 's Last Semester Of Medical School

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It is Connor’s last semester in medical school. In order to earn an internship at a top-rank hospital, Connor must write a ten page reflective essay on which part of medicine impacted him the most. Connor has no idea what to write about as multiple ideas come to mind but none of them are his own. Like all writers, Connor must make sure he avoids obvious content and instead give his genuine and original idea to allow the reader to understand how he truly feels about the specific topic. To be able to provide a clear visual of what impacted him the most, Connor, like all writers, must slip out of abstraction when writing and provide enough detail to not just help the reader visualize but to also embody the experience, leaving a lasting impression. While providing enough detail to help the reader visualize their vision, the writer must make sure they avoid padding and be as direct as possible. Being direct will help Connor reflect and share his experience while keeping the reader engaged and demonstrating a better understanding of how he feels. Consequently, all writers can write well by projecting their own voice while keeping the material fresh, providing detail for a more vivid experience, using strong evidence, and establishing their own voice amongst other writers. Writers must avoid obvious content because it will help them project their own voice and keep the material fresh. In order to be distinct and voice their opinions, writers must “sum and dispose of the trite and
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