Conpare and Contrast

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Sin nature and Holiness are viewed totally from one end of the spectrum to the other end. When viewing sin nature and holiness, there are many different concerns one can have from this, when did sin first show up, the first it showed up through, and the effect it has on mankind when revealed. Holiness is on the opposite of the spectrum. It means to be set a part, keeping one’s life free of sin, and honoring the laws of God. “Sin is any evil action evil motive that is in opposition to God. Simply put, sin is failure to let God be God and placing something or someone in God’s rightful place of supremacy”. (Tezel & Gutierrez p. 65).begin At the beginning of the history of man is where the sin nature begin, man had been sin less before…show more content…
For a season God allowed me to think I needed nothing but money, but that season did not last long. Just when I thought I had arrived to the top, a situation hit my life and made me realize it was not me, and it was not the money keeping me, it was God’s grace and mercy all along. Once I got my focus back and was able to repent, God restored me and begin to talk to me about living a life style of holiness. From that day to this one, I am forever grateful of his unfailing love toward me. As long as I have breathe in my body, I will stay humble and continue to live a life of Holiness. In conclusion, man is born in the nature of sin without petition, it has and forever will meet mankind at the door of the womb. Sin nature has been around since Genesis 3 and will continue to intrude in every life that is not willing to comment to the will of God. Whereas Holiness came into play once Jesus was offered as the Lamb of God, born into sin but was sinless. The door open they the people of God could repent believe and be baptize in Jesus name, the only one the can stand on our behalf. From him and through his Holy Spirit we can live a life of Holiness. Work Cited Holy Bible Etzel, Gabriel & Gutierrez, Ben. Praxis 2012, Beyond Theory p. 65, p.127. Academx Publishing Services, Inc. Student: Towanda Hope | Criteria | PointsPossible | PointsEarned | Instructor’s Comments | Content: Does the paper cover the

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