Conquering Endurance Running: Minimizing Risk and Running Injury Free

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Conquering Endurance Running: Minimizing Risk and Running Injury Free
Endurance running is a rewarding experience that puts to test an athlete’s courage, perseverance and determination. It is a marvelous wonder how the human body, with the proper conditioning and mental focus, could achieve such tasking running distance. Elite runners complete the marathon course in just over 2 hours, while the average runner completes it in about 4.5 hours. It’s difficult to comprehend how someone could run, consistently, for 4.5 hours.The actual marathon is simply a formality as the journey starts the day training begins. The outcome, the day of the marathon, is dependent on how successful the training program was executed. Long distance runners are the
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in Hobson 2007). Dr. Siegel, a marathon runner himself, has studied two phenomena that occurred in marathons that have killed a number of people. Dr. Siegel conducted tests on 60 marathoners, before and after the race. 40 percent of the runners showed evidence of heart damage, although it is important to note that the damage was reversed within days. Another interesting find was that out of the 40 percent who showed damage, the runners with the least amount of training showed the most damage (Hobson 2007). This highlights the importance of proper conditioning during the training phase of the marathon.
Although the risk of a heart attack is real, the percentage of fatalities is very low. Data compiled from the Race Associated Cardiac Arrest Event Registry (RACER), show that 1 out of 259,000 participants fell victim to sudden death during a marathon. As outlined in the 2012 RACER study, 42 runners out of the 11 million registered in the database, died as a result of a heart attack. (qtd. in Krumholz 2012). Dr. Krumholz further points out that many of the runners in the RACER study group had a preexisting cardiac abnormality that could have been detected before the event. Dr. Krumholz suggests that participants in these events have a cardiac examination by a physician (2012). Minimizing the risk, or even eliminating it, can be as simple as an initial doctor’s checkup and regular annual visits. This is the reason why all marathon events encourage runners to be

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