Conquest And Its Impact On The World

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From the beginning of time, every great empire has emerged out of conquest. Conquest has definitively shaped our current world. Yet, conquest would not be conquest without the aspect of “othering.” “Othering” is simply treating the a different group of people as not human or completely different, therefore not identifying[a] with them. In order for an empire to conquer another territory, they must first dehumanize or “other” the group they are conquering. Empires did this as an attempt to justify the cruel or unjust acts the would undertak[b]e on these people. Some influential empires that “othered” in order to allow for mass conquest were the Romans, Portuguese, Aztecs, and Spanish. In order for a successful conquest to happen the dominant group must “other” another group of people. [c] The Roman empire repeatedly “othered” in order to conquer and expand their territories. Rome was one of the largest both residential and territorial empires in the world. “[d]Rome became a great power ruling 60 to 70 million subjects” and it consisted of everything that touched the Mediterranean Sea(256). But Rome did not start as a such a dominate empire; it had to conquer much land to achieve its high status. Prior to Rome’s dominance it was only a single city estate surrounded by many other unconnected city estates. However,what allowed the city estate of Rome to grow into a massive empire was through its use of violent conquest. Rome managed to expand so rapidly because
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