Cons And Effect Of Cell Phones

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Effects of Cell phone use Cell phone is a very intelligent new invention that took a significant part in humans’ life specifically the latest new days. Almost all humans around are walking holding their mobile cell phones which proves it’s huge role and effects on peoples’ life nowadays. Cell phones as everything in this life it has pros and cons, some of the cell phones pros for example is, helping people whom have a lot of work to communicate with their family and friends easily by using their mobile cell phones. Some of cell phones cons for instance, that it can affect relationships in a hurtful way sometimes. Effects of cell phones use can be grouped into three main headings which are moral impact, isolation and health issues. One of…show more content…
According to Dwivedi (2011), in “Study Cell Phone Radiation” the problem is not that the eye absorbs the energy, but that the heat absorbed by the eye does not get transmitted or radiated out of the body adding that prolonged usage of cell phones can affect retina, sclera, lens, cornea as well as vitreous humors which are parts of the human eye. As a consequence, the huge side effect of using the newest inventions and technologies that have a screen is that they are damaging our eyes particularly the mobile cell phone invention for the reason that, it has a small screen and looking at it for hours with total concentration will damage our eyes and our seeing capability will become weak, we will not be able to see like we usually do and even worse we will not be able to see from far away unless, we wear glasses, which is something depressing because god gave us our soul and body including our eyes to take care of it not to damage it by sitting down watching our phone for a very long duration essentially with the huge development that’s happening in the technology world. We all have to use the technology devices these days inclusive the mobile device but even so, we have to use them wisely in order, to protect our eyes and
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