Cons Of Being A Twin

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“Cloning is the process of making a genetically identical organism through nonsexual means” (How). A lot of people tend to say that they would wish that they had a twin, and sometimes to the extent of being an identical twin, so they can have a clone. They state that they want a person that could be there for them, and conquer the world by their side. But a lot of those people don’t focus on the cons of being a twin; they focus more on the pros. People should realize being a twin is a disadvantage. A con that happens often with twins is appearance. Whether identical or not, somehow people always state that they look the same. There is no individualism. One would say that it would be cool to have someone that looks like you, but it’s the total opposite. We often pick clothing to represent our personality, or to break away from the crowd. Clothing for…show more content…
Pros include the strength of the bond and a sense of companionship. However, a bond can be developed between other siblings as the bond between twins is developed. It’s just stated that they have a stronger bond because they grew in the womb together. An only child can develop a bond like twins with a best friend. Children typically grow up together from elementary through high school. If anyone is willing to create a bond, they can have a companion. People often believe that their life would be better, but all they need is one friend with a strong bond. Twins are best friends. For instance, Mairah once stated that “My sister once told me that she considered herself the luckiest person in the world — for she was born one minute after her best friend” (Schaefer). Even, if a twin exclaims that life is better with a twin because of the best friend bond, anyone can have a best friend if they tried. Therefore, people should stop saying that they want a twin, and start creating a bond strong enough that people begin to question if they’re twins or
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