Cons Of Having A Social Network

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Cons of having a social network Did you know many 13 year olds in 2016 checking their social media more than 100 times a day? With social media around, of course, some might object that having social media is superior to all necessities of their lives to add on. Basically, the community is trying to stop teenagers and kids from having the addition to check their phones all the time. That is why, we’re trying to stop underage kids being on it before any problems are stated. Social media has many kids under the age of the website, lying about their age. Being perhaps, cyber bullying, seeing inappropriate pictures, and making others make them feel bad about themselves. This may all sound erroneous, but you may assume it is safe. Social media shouldn’t be for young kids, or for people to be spending on. Therefore, social media more certain than not a game to mess with. Social networking pros and cons, state that isn’t rewarding in any way. Primary starts with, Social media affect us all, that use it more than we think. In fact, “on average, 40% of 8 to 18 year olds spend 54 minutes a day on social media sites”( Thus we didn’t know, but the numerous time we spend on social media could also be affecting our vision and neck. Following up is, “36% of people surveyed listed social networking as the "biggest waste of time," above fantasy sports (25%), watching TV (23%), and shopping (9%)”( Basically, social media have taken people away
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