Cons Of Labeling Children

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In life, it is natural to use categories to organize different aspects of our lives. When we use these categories to organize people, we give them labels. A label can be any name we give to a specific group of people who share the same attribute described. In education, we often use labels to group our students into different categories, in an attempt to make our jobs easier. It’s much easier to structure lessons for a group of similar students, than it is to create a lesson for each individual student, no matter how much we would like to see all of their needs met at once. The danger lies when we begin to identify students by only their labels. “Gifted” and “remedial” are two very common labels that we see in the education system. Both,…show more content…
But as Karl Subban of Brookview Middle School explains in the video “The Pros & Cons of Labeling Children” the danger comes when we begin teaching to the labels, and not the children. Too often do classes become centered around the labeling of the students, rather than their needs. This was an issue in the early years of special education, where students in “Special Ed.” Classes were not given quality education simply because they were labeled as such, regardless if they were given a diagnosis for downs syndrome, a cognitive disability, or cerebral palsy, a physical…show more content…
Often times when a student is subjected to “Special Ed.” classes that is abusing labels, they begin to apply the label to themselves as a guideline. A student can only be told they are not good enough, or not able to do something before they begin to believe it, themselves. This is why it is paramount for educators to use extreme caution when applying labels to their classrooms. In closing, there are a number of resourceful benefits that come from using labels for our students. But there are just as many, if not more, negative consequences that could also result. What we as educators must realize, is that labeling is a tool that comes with the responsibility to apply it to students sparingly, and to always differentiate between the student’s individual needs and abilities, and that of what the preconceptions given to us by their labels. It is a tradeoff between easier classroom management and stronger diligence in knowing our
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