Conscience In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'

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The Conscience Is Powerful
Mahatma Gandhi once said “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.” One major term in Gandhi’s dictum is justice, which means moral behavior and/or treatment. Another significant term in Gandhi’s statement is conscience, which means the part of the mind that knows the distinct line between right and wrong. Taken as a whole, Gandhi means that the mind has the power to do what righteous and outright evil. Furthermore, Gandhi implies in his statement that the conscience has the ability to put into effect just decisions. Lastly, when looked the lens of William Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar, Gandhi’s statement can be proven false through
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Specifically, after Brutus finds out about civil war breaking out in Rome, he argues with Cassius on if they should charge into Philippi in a camp tent. Brutus wants to meet Antony’s and Octavius’s armies at Philippi to stop them from becoming stronger. Cassius disagrees and wants to wait until they arrive but he eventually agrees with Brutus (IV. iii. 203- 212). This clearly demonstrates that Brutus is stubborn and will not give up an argument if he thinks he is right. Through his actions, he is deemed impractical. He cannot see past his own judgement. This foreshadows the fact that he will be doomed to his own ruination. Brutus does not want to lose the argument because he is too prideful. This instance clearly shows that the Lens is false because Brutus does not seem to notice his faults. His honor was greater than any love he had for others.
Ultimately, WIlliam Shakespeare’s representation of characterization in Julius Caesar provides an insight on how a the conscience can fail people in order to display that the mind can be unjustful and biased. Justice is truly served through courts of law. By doing so, this helps prove that Gandhi’s statement is false. What we must be taken away from this analysis is that the conscience is not always
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