Conscious Of The Need Of Buying Process

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Conscious of the need
Buying process starts with the buyer aware of the needs. Buyers feel there is a difference between the actual state and the desired state. Demand can be derived from stimuli inside and outside of the subject. In the case of the agent inside, one of the needs of ordinary people, such as hunger, thirst, sexual increased to a certain degree and become an urge. Due to previous experience, we understand how to deal with this impulse and its engine will be directed to the media can satisfy the urge. Or a need may arise from a stimulus from the outside, such as from the media, advertising, friends, social, people passing by other large programs noodle soup and smell aromatic flavor delicious pho rises stimulated by making them feel hungry. A woman saw a beautiful dress her neighbors watch a program or advertise a new perfume, ... All these stimuli that may suggest a problem or needs. Marketers at this stage to identify the circumstances often make consumers quickly understand the problem. They should study the context of its intended consumers to find out what made sense forms arising problems or needs, explains see what created them, and how they impact the consumer make the choice to go to buy a certain product.
Look for information

A consumer has demand for buying something, they start looking for information. If the urge stronger consumer and pleasant product in hand, consumers are likely to buy soon. If not, consumers are simply stored in the
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