Consciousness Among African Americans Women

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Consciousness Among African Americans Women
Samantha Venturina
Middlesex County College

Race and ethnicity play a crucial role in one’s life. Communities worldwide were developed around diverse racial and ethnic identities whom proffer internal sources of resilience to others in the community. However, these aspects can consist of adverse social consequences that influence an individual’s chances of receiving quality medical care, getting a job offer or loan, and/or being falsely accused by authoritative figures. In addition to these hostile effects, one would ponder if it has a detrimental effect a person’s own self-esteem. Recall the racial, class, and social inequality in the United States of America in the 1960s (Eaton, Livingston, & McAdoo, 2008). Those who were considered minorities, such as the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and various other races, dealt with the earliest form of discrimination back in the days. For an elongated time, African Americans were especially susceptible to the harsh and cruel discrimination in America as described in history classes.
Given the prolonged exposure to such negativity, numerous social scientists were puzzled on whether the psychological health of African Americans was possible. While there were several studies that found race-related attitudes to be positively related to healthier psychological outcomes in African Americans; there were only an insufficient amount of reports that endeavored to assess what factors precede…
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