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Consciousness Physical….Or Not???? The statements “I have a guilty conscious” and “My conscious eating me alive” are phrases that have been giving physical meaning by everyday people. What has not been given merit is the imaginable state of consciousness or ones conscious. Are the statements true or just simply a saying with no meaning? For starters consciousness is a mystical network. It has several different extraordinary characters. One David Chalmers says it has a “unified and a differentiated character”, that he feels defines consciousness and makes it simple. But is it really that simplistic?? I mean consciousness is something everyone is aware of at every waking moment of life until death. Never has it been something…show more content…
Even when it is defined it has no physical meaning involved. I am led to believe consciousness is not physical. For example is it physical when one knows right from wrong? Knowing happens in the mind, the mind is a part of one’s conscious. Therefore inferring knowing right from wrong is a conscious state of mind. When someone goes into the store and steals no matter the reason why, the action attaches itself to one’s conscious. The conscious is connected to memory so when someone remembers a bad action it takes a toll on their conscious. Directly aligned with the conscious mind is the preconscious mind, one that included things that aren’t on our minds right at the very moment but can be brought into the conscious mind easily. All parts of the mind are all in our heads basically. It isn’t at all physical, it has everything to do with our internal feelings. In class we discussed three types of strange consciousness. First, subjectivity in which there is something it is like to be conscious. This doesn’t really make much sense to me. Basically, saying there is something that it is like or can be contrasted against as in water or matter. Second, there’s intentionally which means consciousness is about things. Saying that one is only conscious when material things are involved. As in a table, then there leaves the argument of how can one be conscious of matter. Or maybe one is conscious only when
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