Consciousness Is Not An Illusion

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Consciousness poses the most baffling challenges in scientific realm of the mind. There’s nothing with which we share an intimate relation than conscious experience, but there’s nothing so strenuous or demanding to explain. Perhaps no other aspect of mind is more puzzling than this mystifying experience that we encounter in our every day life. There’s a widespread disparity amongst individuals regarding the existence of this entity. Some might argue that consciousness is not more than a foolish idea, though there are some stances where investigations over its existence hadn’t yield anything to prove it’s very existence in nature, while others have held an opposite view, and contended that its very existence can be explained in empirical terms. Therefore, disagreement has remained amidst both the parties for a substantial amount of time. In this paper, I will take a stand to prove that consciousness can exist in one way or the other and shed light upon some scientific theories that could help carve the idea that consciousness is not an illusion but a physical reality.

The term “consciousness” is notoriously difficult to define. As a result, many altercations and arguments have been waged about its character without the participants’ reaching a consensus or a common ground. By “consciousness,” I mean simply “awareness,” in the most unadorned sense. According to a famous philosopher Thomas Nagel, A creature is conscious if there is “something that it is like” to be this…
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