Consciousness Is The Way Beings Have Their Own Personal Experiences

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Consciousness is the way beings have their own personal experiences in their minds. In other words, how they experience every day situations in their own personal view or perspective. Ned Block (1995) explains that “phenomenal consciousness is experience; what makes a state phenomenally conscious is that there is something ‘it is like’ to be in that state.” Susan Blackmore (2012) said that consciousness was subjective; meaning consciousness is personal and cannot be shared with anyone else. Study and research on consciousness has advanced and increased in the past years. The Laboratory of Nuero Imaging states that humans have at least 70,000 thoughts racing through their heads on a normal day. These thoughts make up a part of our consciousness; our ongoing dose of qualia, or private internal experiences. It is obvious that humans have consciousness, but do other organisms share this capability? One experiment compared the cognitive ability of humans and great apes at the early stages of their development. Mammals, like apes and monkeys, do have consciousness based on anecdotal evidence, research, and experiments.
Every animal is distinct and diverse, but some share similar traits. Their brain sizes and capacities differ based on their species. Monkeys and apes are primates that share comparable qualities. Primates are mammals, and mammals are, according to Liana Vitali and Lucie Muir (2005), “warm-blooded vertebrates which nurse their young on milk produced by the
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