Consciousness & Language in George Orwell's 1984

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Newspeak is the official language of Oceania. It is the depletion of words. The Party wanted to make it impossible to commit thoughtcrimes by literally erasing all of the negative words that one would use. Oldspeak is what Winston and the proles spoke in. By 1984, most people had abandoned Oldspeak. The Party did not bother teaching the proles the new language because they didn’t care about them. The proles have a conscience but they are not conscience of their consciousness. Winston could not bring himself to use Newspeak because he still had a sense of emotions that did not exist in Newspeak. Winston can still remember and thinks he can feel a sense of family, love, and guilt. The only emotions other people felt were pain,…show more content…
When Winston was captured by the Though Police he was forced to “relearn” everything. Once Winston succumbs to O’Brien by giving in to double thinking and the Party, he loses his consciousness. Winston wonders if he is the insane one since he finds himself to be the only one to have these thoughts. Winston is conscious of how the Party uses language to manipulate the people. He understands that, for example, “war” and “peace” are two contradictory ideas. The Party, however does not. This is how Winston is different than the Party. He understands Double Think. He knows that in language there is something greater then orthodoxy. Winston longs to be able to think and behave how he pleases. Orthodoxy is the main belief of the Party. Fully sharing in their beliefs and views is the ultimate form of unconsciousness. Almost everything that the Party said was a lie or a contradictory. For example their slogans, “WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”. Certainly we can see how ridiculous these statements are but to the Party members they made perfect sense. The slogans are normal to them because they don’t understand what “peace”, “freedom”, or “strength” truly means. Peace never existed because they were always at war with someone. No one is free, they cannot even think freely without getting found by the Thought Police. The strength and power was held entirely by the Inner Party. The government
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