Consciousness : The Conscious Mind Essay

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Consciousness in Animals The conscious mind is a complex thing that has many questions that science is yet to answer. The conscious is composed by awareness and responsiveness in one’s mind, it is expressed by one’s emotions, thoughts, and actions. Consciousness to me is defined by the ability to be aware and responsive. Awareness is an element that distinguishes the conscious from the unconscious. To be aware is to be knowledgeable of your surroundings and to know what is happening in the world around you. Similar to awareness, the ability to respond to situations or react is part of consciousness. Responding can be interpreted as emotions, actions, and thoughts, these are important factors that contribute to the overall concept of consciousness.
As consciousness remains an unsolved mystery to the science world, we know a lot about elements that make up the consciousness. Some of the elements associated with consciousness is one’s unique thoughts, memories, feelings and sensations. These elements are seen not only in human consciousness but in animal conscious as well. We are able to study consciousness by observing the behavior in humans and animals. Observing these actions we are able to see how consciousness affects the subject 's life in an everyday basis. As we expand our knowledge of consciousness in the human mind, we question and explore the consciousness in the mind of animals. The big question here is: Are animals conscious? The abundant amount of studies
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