Consciousness and Dreaming

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Consciousness is your awakened state of mind in which you are cognizant of and are able to distinguish between realities while also being preemptive to one’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings through the establishment of the fundamental aspect of student-object relationships in which one is not only aware and mindful of his surroundings, but oneself as well at any given moment as the present renders sentiments of familiarity, presumably rectifying preconceived notions that consciousness is merely an illusion and is rather more so a universal force and a collective body of existence and self-realization.
2. Circadian rhythms are the bodies' biological internal clocks encoded within us during a 24 hour cycle interval that accommodates to our body’s natural fluctuations in a physical, mental, behavioral, and physiological form and is prominently influenced and modified in accordance to marginal potencies and stimuli reflective of probable and irrepressible variables in our natural world that can be used as the determinant for an individual’s specific developmental, communicative, and interactive compositions.
3. Researchers have classified two definitive types of sleep, REM, otherwise known as rapid eye movement, and non REM and have divided the sleep cycle into four distinct stages. REM sleep is associated with dreaming as most of our dreams occur during this stage. REM waves are very fast and resemble beta waves which indicate that you are awake. REM sleep is usually…

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