Consensual Relationship Agreements

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Consensual Relationship Agreements The dynamics of present era has driven both men and women to the workplace. They spend most of their active time at workplace and engage themselves in team work. Because of long working hours spent together, colleagues develop intimacy with one another. At times, this intimacy between colleagues of opposite gender takes the shape of affiliation, attachment and then romance. It is this point, when companies take specific actions to protect their workplace environment and productivity of the employees. One of the ways is through Consensual Relationship Agreement, commonly known as CRA. Through CRA in black and white, companies ensure that the emotionally attached employees are well aware of the organizational policies related to romance at workplace. CRA also undertakes employees' involvement with each other as per their own will so that company remains aloof of harassment issues. It is also formal information to the employees that their attachment with each other should not affect the workplace environment, productivity and ethics. There are mixed views about efficacy of CRA. Few people consider it beneficial while others suspect it on grounds of workplace productivity (Bernstein, 2003). In the context of sexual harassment, people do not consider romance as a trigger, however, in many cases, it is so. In order to ensure whether the organization should deal them together or separately via CRA (Overman, 1998), the analysis of workplace
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