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1. The client 's right to give informed consent American Counsel Association (ACA) B.5b. state “Counselors inform parents and legal guardians about the role of counselors and the confidential nature of the counseling relationship, consistent with current legal and custodial arrangements” (p.7). 27-65-103

Legally able to give informed consent

Counselors are required by law to take a proactive approach to ensure informed consent is properly applied in accordance with (IAW) Mental Health Act Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) §12-43-214 (2); 12-43-222(1)(p) disclosure shall be made to the child. If the client is a child whose parent or legal guardian is consenting to mental health services, disclosure shall be made to the parent or legal guardian. When multiple parents are involved with adolescents in treatment informed consent can be complex. If a married couple enrolls their child for treatment the counselor should conduct a cursory check to verify if both parents have legal custodial rights for treatment. If another parent does have treatment cannot occur if both parents do not agree for treatment when child is younger than fifteen years old. C.R.S. § 27-65-103(3) state if the child is 15 years or older they have the right to consent with or without parents or legal guardian consent. Also, if a minor is under fifteen years of age a court appointed guardian ad liem.

Psychotherapy Rules, Rule 5 (1);(2); American Counselor Association (ACA) E13.b clarify when an…
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