Consent Decree Activity : A Child 's Teacher For The Year

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Consent Decree Activity

As your child’s teacher for the year, it is my responsibility to inform you on your rights and how we plan on helping your child succeed! The following slides will enlighten you on the history, policies, laws, and assessments for English Language Learners. I hope this information is informative and assures you that I am here to help in any shape and form. I look forward to working with your child this year.

1958 National Defense Education Act (NDEA)
The purpose of this Act was to strengthen all level of the American school system and encourage students to continue their education after high school. The Government would award grants to states that had programs in Science, Mathematics and Foreign Languages.
1964 Civil Rights Act: Title VI
The 1964 Civil Rights Act affected educational policies, including ELL, by showing the lack of regard for any other minority outside of the African-American students when it came to language services. The Mexican students were the most affected by the one-pronged attack of discrimination until 1970 when Pottinger, the then Director of the Federal Office of Civil Rights would issue a memo requiring schools to provide language services for minority students.
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 can be credited as one of the most influential Acts pertaining to what it did for ELL. The primary focus of the Act was to ensure improved academic achievement for the “disadvantaged”, train and recruit…
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