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Informed Consent for Services-Adult
Penn State Therapy Agency

This is the Penn State Therapy Agency, Welcome. The informed consent form consists of our professional services and policies. This form also contains your responsibilities and rights according to the Penn State Therapy Agency regulations and guidelines. Please read this thoroughly before dating and signing this document. If you have any questions or concerns, we can discuss them upon signing or anytime in the future. Thank you.
Therapy Services:
The services provided are a relationship between the therapist assigned, and the client (you), this works because of the rights and responsibilities held by each person. Therapy can bring up past and present emotions and feelings, this may be uncomfortable and unpleasant. However, therapy has been shown to have benefits to the individual involved. In order for the therapy to be successful you will need to work on the things talked about outside the sessions. Together we will make goals and create a treatment plan the Penn State Therapy Agency looks forward to working with you. You, as the client have certain rights and responsibilities and I, as your therapist have rights and responsibilities it is crucial that you understand the rights and responsibilities listed below.
Penn State Therapy Agency has many different types of therapists and therapies to choose from depending on what you need/what you are looking to accomplish within a session. Here at Penn…

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