Consent Of A Client For The First Time Essay

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1. Imagine that you are meeting a potential client for the first time. Discuss the process in which you would engage in order to establish informed consent. What are the crucial elements of the informed consent process? During the first visit I would sit down with the client and begin to explain the counseling process. I would inform the client about the risks and benefits of counseling. I would explain what types of counseling I could offer, and my policy on phone calls, texts, and emails. Next, I would explain the financial agreement, and my no show policy. After that, I would go over the length of the sessions and explain what they are protected in from confidentiality. I would then ask the client if he/she had any questions, and do my best to answer any questions. Finally, I would hand the client my informed consent for, explain it, and then have the client sign the consent form. 2. Provide an example of a client statement and a helper response to depict each of the following: a. Paraphrase Client: I am so mad at my parents! Helper: You’re feeling angry today. b. summarization of content Client: I’m so mad at my friends. They never care about how I feel. They gang up on me all of the time. They don’t even listen to me. I don’t even know why I’m friends with them. Helper: So, you’re not feeling heard by your friends, and you’re not sure in which direction your relationship is headed in. c. open-ended question Client: My friends tell me that I’m selfish. Helper:
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