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“If all jokes are conditional, at least to some degree, then what difference does it make that they call for a contribution from the audience? And why can’t the joke-teller simply inform his audience in advance, tell them whatever they need to know in order to get his joke? Or, why can’t the audience accept the joke conditionally?” Hot Rod, the 2007 American comedy starring Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone, and Directed by Akiva Schaffer, regards amateur stuntman Rod Kimble and the inability of Kimble to obtain the respect of his step-father through various physical fights. When step-father Frank falls ill and is in need of a heart transplant, Rod aims to raise the money needed to give Frank the needed heart transplant, and to finally win…show more content…
The joke itself works comedically on a basic level, with audiences typically laughing at the absurdity of it, however there is a deeper level to this joke that is explained on the DVD commentary. Samberg goes over the origin of this gag at the request of the director, Schaffer, by explaining that within the album Moment of Truth by Gang Starr, a certain member is sent to jail and when the other member finds out about this, the response given is the word “what!” with the same heavy emphases on the beginning ‘h’. This contextual understand of the inspiration of this joke makes the delivery increasingly funnier, and provides additional humor in the sense that a north-western American amateur stuntman could be referencing such a rap album.
Having just had an argument with his dying step-father, Rod in an attempt of demonstrating the feelings of anger, rides out into a secluded forest while drinking and begins to excessively punch dance. This dance is one of the most obvious references in the film, towards Footloose, and mimics the punch dance scene in a very similar way. For starters they are both set to the same song, both characters ride into the locations in vehicles that they are both abusive too, both characters smoke and drink while dancing, and there is an emphases on characters doing excessive numbers of flips, however in Rods case this ends in a 50 second tumble down an absurdly large mountain. The

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