Consequences Of Child Abuse And Over Reporting

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Under and over reporting is of equal concern because both affect the number of child abuse victims who are in need of help. “Failure to report exposes children to serious injury or even death and over reporting diverts resources from understaffed agencies, thus limiting their ability their ability to protect children in real danger” (Loseke, 285). Another issue is when to decide whether signs of abuse are actual signs of child abuse or just everyday injuries child usually inflict on themselves. Furthermore, this can also impact the whether a person will report the incident or not. For example, two people can see the same incident and depending on their knowledge of child abuse they can, either report it or determine it is not abuse. “A study of non-reporting among teachers, blamed their lack of knowledge for detecting symptoms of child abuse and neglect” (Loseke, 292). …show more content…

In conclusion, underreporting and over reporting, greatly impacts children who are actually experiencing abuse and prolongs or prevents them from getting help. Some social implications of over and underreporting, could be that a child could be seriously injured because a person failed to report child abuse and causing abuse when there was none before. For example, a person who over reports potential child abuse can cause problems for parents who are suspected of abusing their children. Another example, is if a person failed to report child abuse and later discovers this child is serious injured in a hospital or was killed by excessive

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