Consequences Of Delegating Cnas

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Is it difficult for you to delegate to others? If so, do you know why? Yes it has been difficult for me to delegate to others. I work for a registry that sends to new nursing homes so I have to rely on CNAs to help me with the patients and to find stuff. I have some ideas of why it is hard for me to delegate. 1. CNAs may not look friendly or approachable. 2. When I ask a CNA to do something they often make an excuse as to why they can’t do it. Most of the time it’s because they are busy. 3. They can be hard to find. I might have to go all around the unit just to find them so it might be easier to just do whatever that is myself. 4. I am intimidated by some CNAs attitudes and rude responses to me. Have you experienced any resistance to delegation
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