Consequences Of Drinking Alcoholic Beverages With Energy Drinks Essay

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Literature Review The practice of adolescents and young adults consuming alcoholic beverages with energy drinks or AmED has elevated concern on the topic of possible increases in detrimental practices with regards to drinking, damaging psychological and physiological side effects from consuming these mixed beverages and behavior that puts the individual and those around them at risk. In order to better see the effects of consuming both alcohol and energy drinks together, authors Amy Peacock, Raimondo Bruno and Frances H. Martin present a study that aims to establish the particular physiological, psychological and behavioral risk-taking consequences of drinking alcoholic beverages with energy drinks in the article, “The Subjective Physiological, Psychological, and Behavioral Risk-Taking Consequences of Alcohol and Energy Drink Co-Ingestion.” From the article, Peacock, Bruno and Martin selected participants between May and July of 2011 from a base of 1,113 participants aged 18 or older. The survey recruited participants in the greater Hobart area, near Tasmania, Australia by the use of posters, media reports and the Internet. Participants completed an online survey on their usage pattern of energy drinks and alcohol, both independent and combined usage. Of the 1,113 participants, those who answered less than 50% of the survey, were international residents, and those who were outside the ages of 18 to 35, were excluded from the data. This provided Peacock, Bruno and Martin
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