Consequences Of Imperialism During The 19th Century

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Consequences of Imperialism In the late 1800’s and early 19th century, strong countries like Britain, France, and Germany became imperialist powers in the world. Most of these countries were industrialized and hungry to grow their economies and territory so they looked upon weaker and smaller countries with great resources they could take advantage of. Although colonizing these countries was tremendously beneficial to the imperialist powers, there were many consequences to the people of the countries that were colonized during this time period. Powers such as Great Britain, had much affect upon the countries that they colonized such as India and parts of West Africa. Their colonization of these countries changed the world in which these people lived in and affected these colonies negatively, by obstructing culture, opposing ways to live upon people, and creating racial oppression, and exploitation of resources and labor; all for personal gain. It was very common for the culture of a country to be obstructed and change to be like the ruling imperialist country, often times creating half breeds of people feeling a lack of identity and purpose. This is a process called westernization. The culture obstruction and westernization was put in motion so that the Imperialist powers could spread ideas about living life the way they deemed correct. Westernization was an idea of culture simply coming from the western European powers that carried no tradition or past existence.
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