Consequences Of Low Concentration Utilization

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Consequences of low LLIN utilization
The consequences of low net utilization in Mozambique include high prevalence of malaria, high malaria-related mortality and morbidity in children under 5, high maternal mortality and high costs of managing the health system due to increased disease burden (25, 26).

Available Assets for the Program
Mozambique already has a primary health care in place using health centers, health workers and a health promotion department for the awareness campaigns. In addition, there are community leaders, free LLINs provided to pregnant women and children under the age of 5, malaria control policies and plans as well as other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which are valuable resources for the program.

The Program Goals
To improve the general health of Mozambicans and to reduce by half the incidence of malaria or malaria- related deaths in children under 5, the pregnant women and the people living with HIV by 2020.

1) To increase the proportion of LLIN ownership
2) To increase the number of people using LLINs
3) To develop capacity of health workers and volunteers in promoting LLIN utilization
4) To strengthen partnerships for malaria prevention in Mozambique
5) To promote community awareness on the benefits of using LLINs
6) To develop data management systems for LLIN utilization

Program Targets:
Increasing the proportion of LLN ownership and utilization and reducing malaria-related deaths:
a) Increase the proportion of…
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