Consequences Of Mistaken Belief In The Kite Runner

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In every form of literature, one or more characters experience a certain plotline in that piece. Some forms of literature feature a mistaken belief (cause), a consequence (effect) and a form of growth, to realize an essential truth. In The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the main character, Amir, experiences this sequence of events. Amir makes one wrong decision by leaving his best friend, Hassan, in the darkest time in his life and this showing of arrogance puts him on a road to redemption. He then suffers for years upon years, through the form of guilt. It is not until he realizes his mistaken belief of looking down on Hassan and leaving him, and then going back to Afghanistan to redeem himself by saving Sohrab. When one tries to run away and forget a situation involving a mistaken belief (cause) they are only affected by a consequence until they realize the wrong they have done and they correct it in a way that makes them feel as if they have completed redemption to lessen or stop the consequences.
The cycle of a road to redemption begins when the character has a mistaken belief. A certain character flaw or an incorrect belief in a novel lead places that character on a need to go down the road of redemption. This flaw or incorrect belief causes a chain of events either immediately or later from when the character does the action. For example, Amir shows both a major character flaw and an incorrect belief when he flees from the highest point of where his loyalty is truly

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