Consequences Of The Second Punic War

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What were the outcomes of the second Punic War?
Study showcased by Morey, William C. (1901), stated that the Carthage was angered that the Numidians had been permitted to encroach upon their country, and in return, Carthage brought together a small a military group to attack Numidia without Roman authorization. Prior to that, it was the opportunity Romans was waiting for. In spite of the fact that most Roman senators wanted a good rationalization for face-to-face meeting, they couldn’t reject the fact that Carthage had broken the agreement. This was the purpose for war that they wanted. When Rome attained awareness of this unauthorized violence, they started the building the predominant military of ancient times. The primary and most significant reason of what is known as the “Second Punic War,” was this international treaty made 50 years prior, and that the Romans having a firm conviction that the Carthaginians had broken it.

The most incredible war of ancient times was Hannibal Barca, considered Rome’s greatest enemy. Hannibal was the son of the commander Hamilcar Barca, a prominent military leader in the first of the three ancient conflicts. As a young boy, Hannibal swore
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The Second Punic War, fought between the Romans and the Carthaginians is no exception. Actually, for Rome, most of their support came from a united people. When on the other hand with the Carthaginians, their generals for the war was a military genius. Morey, William C. (1901) stated that the story was told that Quintus Fabius, the chief Roman envoy, lifted up a fold of his toga and said to the Carthaginian senate, “Here we bring you peace and war; which do you choose?” the they replied, “Give us either.” Following their response, then Quintus Fabius replied “I offer you war.” “And this we accept,” shouted the
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