Consequences Of Underage Drinking In College

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Underage Drinkers In the beginning of, Drinking Deaths Draw Attention to Old Campus Problem, Mindy Sink writes, “Samantha Spady, 19, a sophomore at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, died of alcohol poisoning after an evening out with friends in which she drank the equivalent of 30 to 40 beers and shots” (49). Underage drinking is a big problem in our society. Teenagers don’t really know how much it is affecting their health and how many problems it can cause. The University needs to take action on college kids that are underage drinking. There are many ways to prevent a teenager from drinking if he or she gets the right message. Underage drinking is a big problem in our society today. Lot of teenagers in high school and college misuse Alcohol. The amount of alcohol these teenagers consume is unbelievable. The national survey shows that, 71% of high school seniors has drank alcohol. The most misuse drug in the United States is Alcohol. The kids in our society don’t understand the consequences of underage drinking. If teenagers that are under 21 and consuming alcohol in the united states are…show more content…
One of the way is to tell them the consequences of their action. At University of Colorado there have been many cases of underage drinking. The best way from preventing that from happening is to have strict laws. “Boulder and Fort Collins have a history of alcohol-fueled riots and out of control parties often combined with underage drinking despite years of the universities offering awareness programs, participating in studies to reduce campus drinking, selective banning of alcohol on campus and more punitive measures, like suspension and calling their parents” (49). These rules like suspension and calling parents is really good because, the teenagers who underage drink know the consequences. If a kid is taught the right lesson from the start he or she may never misuse
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