Consequences Of Violating A Norm

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Social norms are behaviors, feelings and cognitions that a certain group has deemed as acceptable. People raised in a certain society or in a certain culture usually behave accordingly to those norms. These set of rules help guide people’s actions by letting them know what behavior is considered appropriate and making them think twice before violating them. Most people want to fit in and when someone violates a social norm they may be seen as different or as an outcast. That is why the majority is motivated to behave consistently with these beliefs, even if it goes against their personal believes (Chang, Koban, 2013). Consequences of violating a norm might just be getting weird looks but in more extreme situations people might get ostracized and even bullied. I have been out in public many times and have caught someone picking their nose or pulling out a wedgie. People violating social norms can be funny or perhaps a little gross sometimes but it can also be highly uncomfortable and annoying. The last time I went to go watch a movie in theatres my experience was completely ruined by a group of girls sitting behind me. Throughout the whole movie the girls would not stop talking. I was instantly in a bad mood and made a causal attribution that their behavior was due to them being rude and inconsiderate people. However, looking back maybe I should have made a situational attribution. We were watching a scary movie and talking was probably their way of coping with the fear. In
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