Consequences Of Xenophobia

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Throughout the years xenophobia has been a plague that has ravaged the lives of many foreign nationals in South Africa for years. During April of 2015 the wave of brutal action again made the cover of the news as it started in KwaZulu-Natal and eventually managed to spread through to other parts of South Africa like Gauteng and Durban. In the following essay I will be doing a literature review of the meaning of and social consequences of xenophobia. I will also look at the social impact of xenophobia on both local and foreign people and to finish up my essay, I will give a detailed summarised report of my findings.

Xenophobia can be broken into two words, xeno meaning strange and or different and phobia from the Greek language meaning, a persistent illogical fear of
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People who are xenophobic may display fear or even rage toward others who are of foreign descent, even as xenophobia is often used interchangeably with terms such as intolerance and racial discrimination, these terms have different meanings. Xenophobia has numerous different effects on the different people suffering through it. These effects range from social to economic. Socially xenophobia has resulted in despicable acts of violence by black South Africans on other foreign nationals, with South Africans stating that these foreigners are taking their jobs. These foreign nationals some of which are shop owners are being ruined by looters who break in and steal simply because the shop owners are not South African. This brings in the theme of race relations. Are we as South Africans truly a rainbow nation if we can’t even get along with our fellow African brethren? Because of this, the crime level in South Africa has also risen during the times of these xenophobic outbreaks, such as in 2008 for example when 60+ people died as a result of xenophobia. South Africa is the architect its own destruction because of the xenophobic violence plaguing
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