Essay on Consequences are More Significant than Rights

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The priority and absoluteness of rights is often gist for ethical debates. I consider these issues from the perspective of my ethical theory, which I call the "ethics of social consequences." The ethics of social consequences is one means of satisfying non-utilitarian consequentialism. It is characterized by the principles of positive social consequences, humanity, human dignity, legality, justice, responsibility, tolerance as well as moral obligation. I analyze Gewirth’s position regarding the absoluteness of rights as well as Nagel’s opinion that rights enjoy priority forever. However, I also concentrate on Williams’s critique of utilitarianism. I contend that the priority of the protection and respect of individual rights in ordinary…show more content…
First of all I shall deal with issues of humanity and human dignity, because it is the main theme of the 20th World Congress of Philosophy.

On the one hand, I consider humanity as a certain moral ideal that is established on the respect and pursuit of human dignity. This is achieved through moral principles and particular moral norms that define ways of pursuing humanity in the individual and social life of moral communities. I do not concern humanity as the unattainable and abstract moral ideal that is too far from the moral practice of agents. I mean that humanity as a moral ideal is the expression of actual demands and interests of individuals and humankind together. Human beings have hope for their rational being and surviving just through the fulfilling of humanity, its principles and respect for human dignity. There are also other issues (for example, environmental) that are external conditions for the preservation of human beings as well as life. On the other hand, I accept the principles of humanity as the moral guides for the attainment of a moral ideal. By the principle of humanity I mean the principles what are accepted on the level of common sense morality. For example, respect for older people as well as respect for all people who deserve it. Furthermore, this is

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