Consequences in Sexual Relationships

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You hear about girls having sex at a very young age more frequently nowadays. It’s almost the status quo to start having sex before you can even drive. You also hear about the young girls having sexual relationships with men much older than them, and in their state, the legal age of consent is only 16. This means that even if their parents don’t agree to that relationship, there isn’t too much they can do if their daughter legally consented. The age of consent should be raised to 18, which is the age of the national majority. Girls aren’t even completely emotionally stable to make those sorts of decisions at the age of 16. They still don’t know exactly what they want and making rash decision, such as sleeping with someone much older, could have a negative effect on their life. When you are sixteen years old, anything can sound like a good idea at the time. You may think that you are very mature for your age, you act different than the 16 year old guys you hang around, and you think you need have sexual relationships with older guys that can match your maturity. But just because you think you’re 22, doesn’t mean you need to be with someone that age. It would be a lot easier to raise the age of consent nationally if everyone realized it is only in the best interests of the young girls, and boys, that feel the need to have sexual relationships with people much older than them. I found a statement in an article on Opposing Viewpoints in Context that says “While age
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