Consequences of Addiction to Marijuana

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The consequences for the use of marijuana range in a variety of physical, psychological, social, and even financial burdens. People who become addicted to marijuana often find themselves experiencing consequences in all these categories. Consequences and effects in one area often lead to more consequences and down falls in another. Physical can lead to psychological. Psychological can lead to social. Social can lead to financial. The burdens and hard consequences of marijuana use are all connected. Marijuana can be smoked, eaten, drank, and even ingested in a pill form if it is being used for medicinal purposes. Marijuana causes a high that can be used as pain medications and creates an elated feeling for the user. The problem is that this high is addicting. A person can become physically addicted to the high that they get from marijuana. This causes them to abuse it more and use it in excess. Marijuana effects range from red eyes, dry mouth, slower reaction time, increased appetite, and increased heart rate and breathing. The effects can last for a while even after the high has worn off which may leave a person completely impaired. This is dangerous especially if the person has an occupation that requires them driving a lot or perform delicate work that requires lots of concentration like medical or engineering work. If you are driving a car or performing a medical procedure and you have been using marijuana(even if it’s been a couple days) you are already not suitable to
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