Consequences of Cheating in College Examinations

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Consequences of cheating in college examinations
The transition from high school to college is a tough period and often proves to be quite challenging for students. The process of adjusting and getting accustomed to the different kind of work load pressurizes students. Amidst all this pressure of studies, we come across the common phenomenon of cheating. It is an increasingly common problem which has become an even greater problem due to the increasing technology and ways in which students can end up cheating.
The first thing to understand here is why students rely on this act to achieve good grades and what causes them to cheat in the first place. The initial reason that can be associated to this problem is that of the fear of failure which every student dreads. In colleges and universities, failing in a particular course or semester becomes a huge issue and a problem for students when they have to repeat it. The fear of parents getting angry, grounding the children or the other punishments that the student will have to face scares him or her to the extent that they switch to such acts to seek their way out and avoid the situations on the whole. Another very common reason is that of lack of preparation. It is a norm for students to delay things till time runs out and they have a lot to do in a limited time period. Because of this, their grades fall drastically and they end up facing hardships in maintaining their GPAs and grades. Hence, cheating becomes an alternate way
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